Beckham vs Roberto carlos,Who's the best Free Kick taker?

April 29, 2007 11:14pm CST
Beckham vs Roberto carlos
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• Bulgaria
11 May 07
precision above all... Roberto is great defender but his freekicks are 90% luck..
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@shyamlal (3538)
• India
16 Jun 07
consistent--Beckham Magical--carlos
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• Indonesia
15 Jun 07
hm i think i'll choose beckham because he is the best free kick taker, carlos only depend on the strength of his feet to hit ball as hard as posible..
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@Sir_bobby88 (8242)
• Singapore
9 Jun 07
I do think that carlos is the best free kick taker , you can train hard to get accuracy but it is hard to kick the ball as hard as carlos yea ... i would be a idoit to block that kind of ball with my body yea
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@tracy1985 (654)
• China
9 Jun 07
I think both of them are good free kick taker.they are two different types.Roberto carlos kick the free-kick with his left foot,and he always use his strong strength,the goalkeeper can not resist the ball. but Beckham's free-kick be much more skills and radian,it looks perfect.beckham is also a good passer.
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@joemack (13)
• India
23 May 07
I really think that beckham is a better freekick taker than carlos because he has got more acuracy than carlos and the goals that he scores are really beautiful and crlos just blasts the ball and if it is on target it is a goal So they both are different free kick takeres and both are unique in their way but I'll put beckham slightly ahead of carlos.
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@Adamdog (254)
• United States
11 May 07
Both players have extremely FANTASTIC Free Kick talents. I admire both of them because they are Real Madrid players. On the one hand Beckham can take an extremely presice free kick, whcih results in a very beautiful goal, which is impossible to catch by the keeper. On the other hand Roberto Carlos just explodes when he takes the Free Kick. He puts a lot of power into the kick, which makes the shot very powerful and uneasy to catch by any keeper. He doesn't score as many goals as Beckham from the free kick spot, but as a matter of fact, the goals he scores are simply the BEST! That's why I love Carlos, I simply admire him :P
@ppcdude (151)
15 Nov 07
Beckham. Better technique, has mastered his art of free kick taking. Carlos just goes for pure power & very often the ball lands in a different post code.
@banta78 (4334)
• India
18 Jun 07
Beckham is best at free kick situations. He bends and curves the ball with precision scoring lot of goals as he leaves goalkeeper clueless with his free kicks. Robertop Carlos is very good defender but decent free kick taker who has explosive power but the precision is not there but he is unpredictable as he can come with some good free kicks too.