What is the onething you would like to change in India ?

@geeta151 (312)
April 30, 2007 12:01am CST
Is there anything that bothers you and you feel that given the authority you will change that particular thing.What is the onething about India that you love the most?
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@Ashgun (472)
2 May 07
I have been to india for shopping and i can tell you 1 thing; india is the best place for shopping... i have been to various places but i dont like bombay bkoz of too much pollution and poverty. People over there live in slums and some places smell really bad... and i think thats the main thing that should change in india since india is a lovely country; lots to admire to visit and the food other there is sooooo delicious!
• India
30 Apr 07
i would love 2 eradicate the sc bc fc quoto steem and mainly the caste.its irritating and affecting me in many ways.what would you like to do??i also would love to have free pubs all over the country which will provide good drink
• United States
30 Apr 07
i wld like to remove the corruptionn andt standing in long lines
• Kottayam, India
24 Sep 07
Ladies should travel without fear even in the midnight, is my dream for India.
19 Jul 07
While visiting India, it was unbearable for me to view the poverty amongst so many beautiful and spiritual areas. I love the humanity and compassion that the people of India display. Its admirable. As a South African, I truly don't mind living in India. Great place. Lots of wonders!
• India
22 Jun 07
political system i will keep a rule that no illitrate should be alloved into politics and i will let only youngsters into politics only blow 35 are allowed
@aniez0906 (264)
• Indonesia
24 May 07
tajmahal! that's the one of the wonder of the world
• India
12 May 07
I would like to bring in military rule for about 5 years so that Firstly CORRUPTION at all levels is stopped; Secondly, only educated (Atleast Graduate) should be allowed to enter politics and become ministers at Central or State level(Constitution of India to be suitably amended ofcourse);Thirdly Discipline and punctuality to be ensured among people of all walks of life. The plus point amongst Indians is "family-ties" and respect for elders.
@skbadhan (881)
• India
2 May 07
there are a lot many things that make me bothers. I can't say confidently that it would be possible for me to get rid of indian society from such problems even if anyhow i got the authority because the problems like castism, corruptions, unemployment, povery, terrorism ect doesn't seems to be easily ending. The one thing i like the most aabout indians their legpulling nature so that no one can grow..........