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April 30, 2007 12:54am CST
We had this operation as part of my student training for nurses.This doctor has kept on noticing me and my scrub suit..She thinks its so tight and so and so..Afterward we begun..To cut it short to some degree I messed up the way I gave her the instruments and the way I arrange it etc.So I was scrubbed out.And then after the guff ups.She wasn't happy as expected.She begun referring me as...What a pity hes too young to have Parkinson's disease and my C.I .. added a degree to the insult.And refer me as with DS or down syndrome...after such incident I really find it hard to put myself back into one piece...If were in the shoes,how could you have reacted.What might have been your actions.Would you have fought back? Could you have kept quiet and kept all the pain inside? For as nursing students..this is not the worst incident.On daily basis we are mocked or inflicted with force causing bruises and emotional wounds...Is this a natural plight for nursing students? plzz comment..
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30 Apr 07
Actually I would have defended myself and demanded a little respect. That is why they call you student, you are there to learn, not to proclaim perfection. I think this doctor has the mentality of a 10 year old.If she treats her students like this ,imagine the compassion she shows for her patients. She's probably just trying to make you or break you, however I wouldn't tolerate those type of comments. Stick up for yourself or at least her supervisor..Good Luck