Women were designed to be spiritual mothers to all not only their birth children

@aluken (50)
April 30, 2007 1:44am CST
I firmly believe that God designed women to be loving teachers and demonstrators and these qualities are not limited to their immediate families but extends to all, yes all the persons they come into contact with. Therefore it is important that women especially Godly women be in all facets of the workforce and involved in community organizations. As a recognized woman in your community you will be able to Teach younger women to be goal oriented Teach good morals Be an example to those just looking from the "sidelines" Women have special sense of knowing when things are not right with a person or this exceptional ability to 'lend a helping hand' even when it 'stretches' then in many ways which is a quality that enables them to take care of not only their own but others too. In order for a woman to become an influential force for her part of the world she has to be influential herself and this can be acheived by striving to be Her Best by spiritual and educational growth among others things. Being a mother does not mean a woman has to give up all her dreams of career or enjoying life. It may cause one to be a little late on doing these things but if determined will achieve all that was dreamed of before becoming that wonderful mom. I hate to see women especially young ones just relax saying I cannot pursue ecucation or this or that because of my children-they need me more. Guess what there is a way around every difficulty. Maybe not immediately but if you try and try and try again you will succeed with little areas first then tackle larger projects/dreams. Now in the era of the internet it is even better. Money may pose as a deterant but think of it this way the more you push and progress the more you will earn in the future rather than just sitting and waiting for nothing. I urge young women to launch out in faith, pray and move towards your destiny/dream,it is God who has placed that dream in you and it is God who will make it become a reality for you. Become all that you want; a lawyer, an accountant,a bussiness woman whatever you want start now to plan and search ways to start. Then endeavor to teach everyone how to do what you did to become the leader that you are.
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