Dose your mother understand you ?

April 30, 2007 4:08am CST
The mothers all of the world love their children,but not all the mothers understand their children.Maybe sometimes mothers out of their kindness to do something that their children don't want to follow,before they do those things they should consider their children's feeling.As a child,I also have emotion,feeling,and affection.
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@magica (3709)
• Bulgaria
30 Apr 07
No, no and again no! She has allways wanted to frame my character according her models, may be she loves me on her own way, but this is no MY way. And of course,the result is that now i am full with respect with her, but i have no close relation. I dont feel any need to share my troubles, my desires, nothing.
• China
30 Apr 07
I have the same feeling!
• Philippines
30 Apr 07
i maybe one of the lucky few that have a very great relationship with my mom... my mom is my best buddy, my adviser, my guidance counselor.. we may have differences in opinion sometimes, but that is only coz we also have 2 different personalities. being a mother myself.. what i want is only the best for my kids. On the onset, kids may not understand why their mothers are that way, but in the long run, they will discover that all of those things were done with their welfare in mind.