Showing of Spiderman 3

April 30, 2007 5:29am CST
One more sleep to go and its Spiderman 3 in our country. I'm excited to watch the 3rd installment of Spiderman. Just viewing the trailer is enough to make my eyes wide in anticipation. Calling all Spiderman fans. Lets all troup to the moviehouses tomorrow and watch this amazing film. See you all there. And don't forget the popcorns.
7 responses
• Malaysia
1 May 07
spiderman 3 opens today in malaysia! :D
@wiebz86 (12)
• Germany
30 Apr 07
spiderman 3 will be premire tommorow, i can't wait again. maybe this movie must be collection. It's great!!!!
@5000ml (1923)
• Belgium
30 Apr 07
They're releasing Spider-man 3 in my country tomorrow too, we're planning on going to see it right after lunch, I can't wait! The trailers look really amazing, so I honestly hope I won't be disappointed.
@dianagnes (1088)
• Singapore
30 Apr 07
Yeah,my country too are realeasing Spiderman 3 today,the first of May..spiderman freak are of course looking forward to this new movie.Its sure too be as hot as the trailer.Enjoy!
@marababe (2503)
• Philippines
30 Apr 07
I am so excited to watch this tomorrow! I'm going to wish for luck because I might not get to have tickets since the theaters were selling the Spiderman tickets weeks ago and there were quite a lot who bought more than 5 each. So I really need luck. I want to watch it on the forst day of screening. Lol.
@agari118 (38)
• Brazil
30 Apr 07
excited to watch this movie to, but here in my country its not tomorroy the day who start =\
@lifetalk (679)
• Pakistan
30 Apr 07
Is it due to release tomorrow? If that is so, i'll make sure i have it with me in a day or two from the date of it being aired. One reason why i'd love to watch this hopefully final installment is because of his extremely sexy and gothic black suit! Man, spiderman has a new look: Venom!