What should i do for my mum on mother's day?

@glra2222 (492)
April 30, 2007 8:34am CST
I am just wondering how many of you out there do something for your mothers on this special day? The past years i keep on forgetting about it because i am pre-occupied by studies and all - she knows i love her but i just feel sorta bad for not doing something. Plus i don't want her to get all sentimental - im not the type of emotional guy - i normally find the sentimental emotional stuff very hard to deal with.
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@sunshine4 (8707)
• United States
30 Apr 07
As a mom, I always do something for my mom on mothers day. I am taking her out for brunch this year. My kids always do something for me also. My one son doesn't have much money to buy me anything and he works every Sunday so can't spend it with me. Last year he wrote me a poem. It was the best gift I have gotten. You should give your mom a chance to get all sentimental~ moms love that kind of stuff. If you aren't able to stop by and see her, send her a card and write in it how important she is to you. As a mom, we know our kids love us, but it is so nice to hear them say it or have them show us.
@TriciaW (2441)
• United States
30 Apr 07
Maybe that is exactly what you should give your mother this year then. The sentimental emotional side of you. Write her a poem from your heart and let her read it while you are with her. I know as a mom that would mean more to me then any flowers or candy that would be given to me. Maybe you could make it extra special by serving her breakfast in bed with your poem laying on the tray with her food. For a student I am sure money is tight and not only would this be free for you but it would bring your mother such joy. Come on you can do it for just one day of the year for a woman that gave birth to you*S* She is the one that held your hand when you got all your childhood shots. So come on give your mom something she hasn't seen from you in a while!!