kids amd school

April 30, 2007 8:46am CST
my kid hates school is is only in k.s and already hates it i ask her why but she just says its no fun we do the same thing eveyday she said they do play but still eveyday is so hard to get her to go HELP????? PLEASE
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@TriciaW (2441)
• United States
30 Apr 07
It sounds like she might be bored with school or it could be she has someone picking on her. I would contact the teacher and see how she is acting in shcool. If she is getting her work done right way and then sitting there she is bored and needs more to do. If she isn't playing with others at recess then it might be she is not making friends easily. I can tell you if you work with the teacher she will help you and your daughter through this. The teacher may not be aware that there is a problem and it may be just that your daughter knows how to play the sympathy card with you. I had one like that and she knew just the right buttons to push for me to feel bad for sending her to school. She has a long road in school so getting it taking care of now is very important. Just talk to the teacher and don't worry you aren't the only mom that has had this happen to. Heck my daughter now is already saying I don't want summer to come cause I won't get to my friends everyday. Good luck to you!!
• Canada
1 May 07
thank you for helping mei forgot to say that she has a brithmark on her face she was born with it i am so use to it it nomal to me i have asked the teacher about it and she says she likes school and the kids as ask her about it the start of the year now they dont say nothing but next year is when i am going to worrymore there is more kids to think about she says she is fine with it but is she ? when i take her to school and pick her up all the kids like her even the boys get along with her just to day it was hard to get her to go when her dad is here theres no out of it she going to school once agian thank you any more avice get back?