will US attack Iran?

April 30, 2007 10:46am CST
Will US attack Iran due to nuclear weapon ??
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@smacksman (6072)
30 Apr 07
No, I think the painful experience of Iraq will stop them putting troops into Iran on a long term basis. Until Iraq is partitioned to seperate the warring factions there will be no peace there. However, if Iran gets to the stage where they can actually deploy a nuclear weapon then there may be an air strike to take it out.
@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
30 Apr 07
Of course the USA will attack, they are just waiting for a good excuse. Maybe they will wait till they are done ruining Iraq first. Throw the country into turmoil, kill thousands of people and then leave them worse off that when they started. On to Iran boys, they have oil! I don't know how many wars they can fight at once. Maybe if they get rid of that scum they call a president, Bush, maybe they will not attack. If they keep a loser like Bush in office I have no doubt they will attack.