which TV is beat HDTV or Plasma TV and why?

April 30, 2007 1:05pm CST
It is not necessary to answer the why, if you can then please answer why.
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@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
30 Apr 07
I have Plasma monitor with a High definition feed and it is wonderful. I had an old 20" colour TV and I thought the picture was fine. Last Christmas my hubby and I decided to splurge on a new TV. We were out looking around for days and asking everyone we knew what was the best deal. Finally we found a guy that was both helpful and honest. The first thing he told us was that if we were going to get the high def. feed from the cable company that we would have to buy a box and int hat box was a tuner. Therefore we didn't need to buy a TV with a tuner already in it as that was redundant that we could just buy the monitor. That saved us a couple hundred right there. We liked the picture of the plasma better than the rear projection TV's. With the plasma you can see the picture at most angles where the rear projection, if you are at a weird angle you can't see the picture. But on the downside the plasma is really really really heavy. You also have to keep them upright. We bought this TV and had borrowed a truck with a canopy on the back and the damn box was like 2 inches short! So we leaned it and drove really slowly! The high def picture is incredible. It is so clear you can pick out blades of grass on a football field. people's eyes are really clear and even sparkle! I love every inch of my 50" TV. It sure is an overwhelming decision to make. It took us a week to decide! We needed to get surround sound too. Well we didn't need to but we did and it is just like sitting in a movie theatre except we can pause the movie for a bathroom break!