Is Your Identity sheltered?

April 30, 2007 1:19pm CST
Lawbreakers are becoming more creative in how they make off with your identity. Bravery is not a must any more, nor is guns and knives or any physical mischief. Now days it could be your neighbor or a person you pass in the mall. We can in no way be too vigilant with our identity. Whatever system the criminals use, mail theft, account invasion, dumpster diving, the end result is the same: An nave person like you is ripped off. Think about this for a moment; what is a very low-tech way use by thieves to undertake identity theft? It is merely stealing mail from unsecured mailboxes. Thieves have been stealing mail out of unsecured mail boxes for many years; but it has only been in the current time that thieves have come to comprehend the income to be achieved from the financial information they can get. How safe is your mail box? Mail theft happens nearly all of the time, according to statistics, at places where unprotected and easy accessible mailboxes are these are mailboxes that do not have a lock and in normal places. Does your mailbox fall into this category? Thieves can and do, via outgoing stolen mail, obtain adequate precious information to start a new account with the victims (your) name. Crooks can take pre-approved credit card application, change the address to a new address, and then send it in. A thief can watch your incoming mail for a new credit card or ATM card, steal it, and charge thousands of dollars to it in one afternoon. Criminals can steal a credit card statement, lift the account number, and buy goods or services. What about the red flag on your mailbox? One mail carrier said, The postal service call those red flags the steal me flags. Thieves can and will do much damage with what they remove from your mailbox. Start taking your out-going mail to the post office or drop US mail boxes on your way to or from work. I do not have all the answers to the identity theft crisis we are faced with everyday. However, I have learned that "knowledge is power" and the more knowledge we have on the way identity thieves work, the more power we have to fight back and protect ourselves
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