Who loves this show? Is it really ending?

United States
April 30, 2007 1:36pm CST
I've been an avid watcher of Ghost Whisper and I noticed there are 2 more Final Episodes left. So does this mean Ghost Whisper is over? Have you watched this show, and if so what do you think of it.
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• Canada
9 Sep 07
I know you posted this 5 months ago...but from what I am seeing on Fall ratings it is due to come back. Have you seen the trailers where you are? We're in Canada...and it is scheduled to start in the next week or so. Yes, my hubby and I both watch the show...and enjoy it a lot...so hopefully it will be around for at least this season and if the ratings are good..a few more after that!
• United States
1 Sep 07
Yay for Ghost Whisperer. 3rd season starting soon.. (next week?). I was at Universal Studios in LA last month, and on the studio backlot tour we were asked for silence as they were shooting a scene from GW. Ooh.. I looked hard for JLH, but no luck.
@19ewf84 (461)
• Austria
1 Sep 07
there is no end for now. the actors still do have contracts for 2 more seasons but that doesn't mean that the show ends after them!
• Canada
13 May 07
I don't think it is ending. They still have so much to do. I love this show. She is such a good actor and her husband is hot. I think this show is so neat, scary at times. Very interesting.
@ladyleo (21)
• United States
2 May 07
i love this show and i didnt know it was endding. thats awful. maybe they will run reruns. i missed a lot of the originals
• Malaysia
30 Apr 07
I have not seen the show. Is it good?