Your Own Funeral - How Will You Be Remembered?

April 30, 2007 2:40pm CST
One of the things I'd like to ponder is the idea of my own death. Morbid, true. But I guess I thought of much more crazier stuff than this. I imagine my soul walking in my own funeral, seeing people around looking at my coffin, looking at my body that's displayed for all the people to see, my kin, friends perhaps. But what will I see? Will I see my friends there? Will I see them deliver eulogies telling people how good a friend i was to them? Of the things I did? Will they cry? I would want to see a good tear-jerker from one of my friends. i know i had been really good to them when i was still living. hmm. i guess i really don't know what to expect. any thoughts?
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