European are more develop than Asian because of the whether?

@iszo07 (473)
April 30, 2007 2:45pm CST
It was a theory claimed that because of the cold weather in Europe or North America, the people out there are more comfortable in their lifestyle. That cozy environment surrounding them make their learning process much easier. Compare to the Asian whether, especially down south and around the Gulf area, the hot humid whether had become the disadvantage for them. Do you agree with this theory?
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@sabwinner (499)
• China
1 May 07
No, i don't really agree with this theory so much. My reason is, you see, thousands years ago, Asian countries are much developer than the European ones. At that time, the whether is the same, nothing changed, so why do European countries become more develop for these centries? I belive that's because that different governments make different policy about technology development, education, the policy for business, attitude towards war. That's the main reason,I believe, not the whether.
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• India
30 Apr 07
yes i agree with this theory being an Asian. But, the question is that,as how you take the development and what you mean by it?.
@iszo07 (473)
• Malaysia
30 Apr 07
With hot & humid condition in most part of Asia, it will make us easily get tired, moody, become lazy and things like that. So, in my opinion, in the long run it has an effect to the country development. For example, our European counterpart might need only one day to finish certain project. While we here might take much longer time because of the surrounding environment itself make our bodies and brains need extra rest.
2 May 07
I hate to criticise my own beloved nation (England), but feel I must put you right on the basis of your discussion. Whilst Britain was once the envy of the world for its education system, this is no longer the case, and I wish I could blame 'global warming' and the fact we now have warm winters and hot summers. I teach English to overseas students, and have discoverewd that the average Asian student has a much better understanding and appreciation of the English language than the average UK or USA citizen. In fact, I recall the words of an under-appreciated English author, Saki (aka Hector H Munro) who said 'Aren't Americans repulsive when they try to speak French, it makes me glad they never try to speak English'! (I do like to 'knock' the US). I believe that the currrent greatest educational systems in the World are in India and Japan, and if you spend long enough on myLot, you'll find that many of the Asian contributors are the most insightful. I still love the UK, but worry that it is no longer what it used to be, despite the great influence of many immigrants from across the Commonwealth, that have brought extra culture, knowledge and experience to our shores. All the best, and here's to a nice warm summer.