Do you like OREOS? Then you need to read this....

@gewcew23 (8010)
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April 30, 2007 2:56pm CST
I was reading my magazine this afternoon and there was an article on the different oreos. They were talking about the new sugar free oreos. Sugar free oreos taste different from the other, have nearly as many calories ounce for ounce, have as much fat as regular oreos, and cost us much more. Although diabetics who require an oreo fix might appreciate the sugar frees others shouldn't feel free to chow down on them. Still tempted? THen note that excessive consumption of maltitol and polydextrose, two of their ingredients, may have a laxative effect. Sugar free cost.....0.52 calories....150 fat....7.5g sugars....trace fiber....4.5g comments-Tender cookie with mild cocoa flavor. Fluffy filling has big artificial vanilla flavor and some coconutlike flavor. A bit sweeter than regular Oreos. Reduced fat cost.....0.25 calories...150 fat.....4.5g sugars...14g fiber....1g Comments- Slightly dry cookie with gritty filling. Least flavorful and sweet of the three. Regular cost...0.25 calories...160 fat....7g sugars...14g fiber...1g Comments-Tender cookie with big cocoa flavor. Soft creamy sweet filling melts in mouth. I just thought this was interesting. I sure don't want to eat the sugar free with its possible side effects and the dry and gritty cookie of the reduced fat.
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@emarie (5447)
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30 Apr 07
anything that is sugar free is going to taste a little different. i mean, they just use a sugar substitute so...i some peoples mine its not really sugar free. its a lot better then the double stuffed ones...then there was the reduced fat. i don't mind oreos...i'm in danger of becoming diabetic because of my family history and my husband has diabeties as well..i think i haven't had oreos't remember...but thats interesting and i'll keep my eye open for it in the stores...
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