Who sould we blame for the communal fights amongst religions.

United Arab Emirates
May 1, 2007 12:00am CST
Friends, I was watching a bilingual english movie, Parzania, which is based in India, and deals with the Hindu-Muslim riots in the state of Gujrat,India, following the Godhra carnage. It shows, how the top level political leaders, manipulate the incident of the mass killing due to a train fire at a place called Godhra, by instigating the hindus to believe that the Muslims were responsible for the carnage. On one hand, these leaders urge the public to maintain calm and brotherhood between themselves, and, on the other hand, they send the hindu activists to kill the muslim population, as if they has fired the train by their own hands. My point in narrating you the story is, I myself felt, that, ordinary people always try to live in harmony with each other, irrespective of cast, creed, or religion. Their main moto is to earn their living and live happily. But it is this, political big shots, who try to gain political mileage by instigating a communal riot and killing the ordinary people. Whether in India or US, the story is same. I hope you know, how the people are dying in Iraq riots, which seems to be a conflict between Shia and Shunni sects but is actually something which has a brainchild of Mr Bush. DO you agree with me or you have any other arguments? Pls come forward.
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