"I love you, but we never have quality time no more.."

May 1, 2007 4:58am CST
"you don't care enough", "you don't spend enough time with me anymore"... how do you define "not enough care" or "enough time"? Can we notice any indication that our other half (partner/lover) do not spend quality time with us anymore. I actually have a list of questions, i'll try to put it down here 1) when is "enough" or "not enough" as in spending time or caring? 2) if you partner do not spend "enough" time with you, do you suspect anything? her/his love for you is not as much as before? 3) is there any indication that we can see if she/he is less caring? honestly, sometimes i'm confused, some times i just let things be. what about you?
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@MySpot (2602)
• United States
6 May 07
Some people are needier than others... some are more attentitive than others... some are never satisfied while others are always content. In a relationship, it can never be 50/50, as some might say. It must be 100/100! You give it your all, not half. If your best isn't good enough then the relationship will probably not work. If someone doesn't accept my best then I'd have to move on and find someone who realizes the true potential of the relationship. If you are referring to the girl from your other post that already has a boyfriend... she probably isn't worth investing in. If she is already getting attention from two men and still not satisfied, she probably never will be. She also sounds needy. Maybe she is spreading herself too thin and not giving her best or all to either of you and that's why she isn't getting it back. How can she expect 100% when she is only giving 50%?