The believer and the atheist

@magica (3709)
May 1, 2007 8:11am CST
Most people are tolerant to their friend`s faith and i think, you are the same. But what about your believer friend is too active preacher? If he cant have a normal conversation with you without elements of preaching- it`s sometimes really anoying indeed:-( Or if the atheist stubborny refuses to hear our preaches and reacts to them with denial? Will this is a serious problem for your friendship or no?
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1 May 07
To me, a person who actively talks about their faith and their beliefs is a person who is not ashamed of them. That person is also one who has such strong beliefs that they feel comfortable sharing with even a non-believer. I am a Christian and because of that, I am called to spread the Good News of Christ wherever I go. Even if this causes people to despise me or look down at me. God wants all His children to return to Him, and therefore it is better for me to share His love with someone then to let that person continue living a life that will ultimately lead to their destruction.
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