How safe are allergy preventitive medicine/Antihistamines

@wsamboer (186)
South Africa
May 1, 2007 10:28am CST
Do you suffer from an allergy associated with certain substances, eg: pollen, dust, perfume or any other substance that causes allergic reactions? If you are, then you would know what a damn nuisance it can be. It effects the eyes, ears, nose and sinuses most of all. And sometimes the skin as well. It is very uncomfortable and can also be very ambarrasing at times. So to avoid all these "med-demons," you take to prescribed or OTC drugs. They offer a way out of all the dicomfort and frustrations. But the worrying factor is they can cause side effects that can lead to other complications and complaints. I used, to name but a few: Demezine, Dimetap, Allergex and a few others who's names I honestly cannot remember anymore. I developed, periodically/brief periods of disorientation, and falling asleep almost, whilest driving, which can be very dangerous. It also effects your concentration. Well my question as a lay person is, why cant they; the Medical fratinity/Science not develop safer and more medically-friendly products. How safe are these drugs over a continuous period of time? I would like to know; for my own sake and for the sake of all others who share the same discomforts. In the mean time I have no alternative but to continue using the mess.
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• India
1 May 07
I strongly agree with you Allergies are said to have no medicines to cure them and its not easy to cure allergies.Usually it takes a long time. As u said these medicines has largely sideeffects than their main effect. i have been suffering from allergy for about 2 years . I was not able to eat sea food and certain vegetables,felt sleepy always. I will happy if anyone come with an alternative way if we can stop these allergies permanently.
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@wsamboer (186)
• South Africa
2 May 07
Unfortunately, allergies cannot be stopped permanently. There are various factors that prevents this from happening, to name but a few: From industry pumping toxic waste into rivers and into other water outlets, to emmitting harmful toxic fumes into the atmosphere. amongst other, we are also aware of, what all of this has done to the ozone layer. We cannot even buy fresh fruit or vegatables, without knowing that it is not organic material that was used to make them grow so beautifully. So many things have been done to increase crop abundance, that the only thing uppermost in the minds of farmers, industrialists, and other "commecial Generals" are money. money and more money. And an attitude of ; to hell with the public" as long as we can make Money.
• Sweden
4 May 07
Hello! Have you tried to boost your immunesystem in your body with food supplements? Acidophilus is beneficial to the digestion system and Carotenoids to "take care" of your allergic substances in a natural way! Have a nice day! Bertil
• United States
1 May 07
my youngest has horriable allergies and well she walks around unable to breathe from her nose most of the time. the doctor put her on all kinds of things. the nose spray did wonders until her nose started bleeding all the time. that ended that. others made her really tired so we stopped those. then some didnt work at all. i give her benadryl now and though it doesnt work great it helps and it doesnt seem to be as bad on her. dimatap i will not use ever. i used it once for me and well i saw little red bugs attacking me and ever since i dont trust it lol. my step mom goes and gets a shot every year and that helps her but it can cause problems too later down the road. its sad huh?