Satellite Radio

United States
May 1, 2007 11:24am CST
Hello all! I am writing to ask about satellite radio. I do know that it is a subscription service and I believe it is commercial free. Does anyone on myLot have satellite radio? Is it better than AM/FM? Does anyone know more about this? I am seriously considering it but I find here locally are sales personnel who don't really know much about it (probably because they don't subscribe to it). Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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@inked4life (4225)
• United States
1 May 07
I have been a Sirius subscriber for over 3 years and would never now go back to regular radio. No commercials on the music station, little or no inane DJ chatter, and great choice of music channels. I pay about $12.95 per month and would gladly pay more. Great sports coverage too...Sirius had football, soccer, nascar, hockey and much more.
• United States
1 May 07
Thank you so very much. I have made my decision. I really appreciate your help with this one. I can't wait to get satellite radio!
@anuraa32 (2451)
• India
24 Feb 13
Hey Satellite radios were a craze a few years back. But I am so out of sync where all this concerned. Is satellite radio still available?
• United States
24 Nov 07
I have XM and have been a subscriber now going on 5 years. I love it. I love not having to listen to annoying DJs, endless commercials and hearing the same top 10 songs every hour on the hour. I can pick one channel and listen all day and not hear one commercial and I won't hear one song more than once which I love. is the website. I pay about $6 a month for mine.
@lamiaa (581)
• Egypt
6 May 07
why don't you listen to the radio on media player or win amp or on u don't really want to pay for radio there is some station in media player nonstop music or try to download yahoo for music , so many options !