What is one smell you will never get used to??

@djdeep81 (1061)
May 1, 2007 12:07pm CST
The smells that i will never get used to is farts, cabbage and really strong smelling popped corn. How about you?
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@Madona1 (2096)
• Gibraltar
5 May 07
I cannot stand the sweat smell. Whenever I get into the lift, I will feel sick if there is the strong sweat smell inside. I just could not stand it. So in Summer, sometimes I rather walk up the stairs instead of using the lift.
@wolfie34 (26789)
• United Kingdom
5 May 07
Our rabbit's cage when she needs cleaning out, the stench just from one rabbit can be very overpowering, a mixture of excrement, wee and damp straw as well as bits of old vegetables ewwww that is a recipe for GBH on the nose, I could never get used to it, but I do love her.
@romel_ece (1290)
• Philippines
3 May 07
Hahahaha, I think the smell of somebody's fart is the one that I will never get used to.But if it's mine then I am used to it already.lol
• Australia
2 May 07
Hair dye
@Deacon87 (169)
• Sweden
2 May 07
I will never get used to amoniac smell, it stings in the nose