Have you seen a real colony of bees?

Colony of bees - The life story of bees are so amazing. They have worker bees who make the honey, the Janitor bees, who clean up their colony and throw away dead bees, Scout bees who would look for food. And many many more. :)
May 1, 2007 1:57pm CST
I had a wonderful trip at Bohol Bee Farm. It's one of Philippines' tourist spots located in Panglao Island, Bohol. I went there with my sister and some friends. We were pretty amazed to see real colony of bees. But it's not the same colony as we see in the movies wherein it's a beehive hanging in a tree. They are usually the wild bees that run after you once being disturbed. Here at Bohol Bee Farm, the bees are called European bees and are placed in a certain box. This is becasue they want to control these bees in order for them to be able to produce best honey in town.:) We all tasted the honey with all those bees around around the box. The tour guide explained to us everything about how bees produce honey and how diligent they are in making one. He also gave us a lot of information about the Queen bees and how they produce their eggs like those info that Queen bees only eat a special honey called Royal gel and so many more.:) It was really a wonderful tour. Their story is so amazing! I suggest that you could visit this place in Bohol.:) Bees are truly one blessing to all mankind because these are the only insects that provide us something to eat, and that's the honey. :) So have you also seen real colonies of bees? Do share some experiences. :)
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