Getting Top Rated on AC: The Liar Witness

The Liar Witness - A witness gets caught lieing on the witness stand
United States
May 1, 2007 2:39pm CST
See the witness on the stand. Will he tell the truth or testify with slight of hand? Bending the truth as far as he can. Give him a ride while he's still happy while he's acting quite snappy. But a short ride it will be before the truth is driven out for all to see. Bead of sweat trickles down, faster breath makes a sound, the lie is coming unbound, lawyers are jumping all around. Snap! it's over, another one down. His snappy face now wears a frown. This is a poem that skyrocketed on ratings on ac so I thought you all might enjoy it here too. One day when I grow up on this site I will post my popular Don't Stop Writing! poem.
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