have you ever been hospitalized?

May 1, 2007 9:07pm CST
luckily, i her, i havent been hospitalized as in being "adnitted" to the hospital. however, i have been rushed to the hospital once because i was having a very high fever and i was already delirious and i was mega-shivering. that was one of the worst days of my life. my elder sister must've ran several red lights just to get me to the hospital! i was crying so hard and that made me have a difficult time breathing. its a good thing that the doctors and nurses were apt enough to give me the proper care and in no time, i was out of the hospital. :) any similar experiences you guys have?
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• United States
2 May 07
I was hospitalized a couple of times when I was younger. One was for a bad gastro virus when I was little. The other time was when I was little and I cannot remember exactly what it was for but I know from stories that I was in an oxygen hood thing. Those are the only two times that I can recall and that's only from stories from my mom. Well the virus one I remember vaguely.
• Canada
2 May 07
When I was younger I was hospitalized because I used to take attacks from the croup and was unable to breathe on my own but don't remeber this as I was too young . When I was a little older I was hospitalized as I had to have surgery done on my adnoys and pallups . I have some memories of this of being really sick and my sister running around after she had the same operation . I don't know what happened to cause me fear of being admitted into the hospital but now as an adult , I am terrified of having to be admitted . I was admitted with each one of my pregnancies as each one was difficult for me to have and was rushed by ambulance a couple of times because of complications . With one of them I was so scared that they gave me my phone and t.v for free hoping to stop me from crying as I just couldn't stop because I was so scared and I believe because of my size , even though I was older they all took pity on me as they kept referring to me as the little one .