Roughing it or tricked out?

United States
May 1, 2007 10:53pm CST
There have been times that I've done both and both actually have merits and drawbacks. When I say roughing it I mean go out in the middle of no where with nothing but the clothes on my body and a knife. That kind of camping is actually a lot of fun if you learn a few tricks beforehand! It really gives you quite a confidence boost to know that you can survive with absolutely nothing if it came right down to it. But I have to admit that going camping with tents, a cooler, blankets, the works is a lot of fun too. It's not nearly as much work so you get to spend more time chatting and playing around. Plus it's generally more comfortable! So what do you take with you when you go camping?
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@xParanoiax (6997)
• United States
8 Jun 07
I like roughing it, but I haven't done it that often. I do camp once a real with family with an actual tent an' the works. I like settling for somewhere in between though. With a few supplies in a sack and just walking out to see how you fare.
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2 May 07
we do both it just depends on the weather and time of year. when it is nice like it is now we rough it. but since we have kids roughing it has went to sleeping bags and taking food. now when we go and it is in the middle of summer and over 100 we take a camper with tv, ac, games, water cooler, swimming pool , and anything else we can get in the truck and camper lol. i love to rough it though but i have to admit when it is 100 and we are not catching any fish i like having the ac and bed to lay down in and relax and stay cool.