Lakers needs BIG-TIME revamp!

May 2, 2007 4:47am CST
Lakers won't go anywhere. Lakers would always be playoff contender but that's it. A 2nd round stint is possible but that is how far they can go. A change in personnel is in the offing. Kobe cannot do it alone. Even MJ needed Scottie and the whole supporting cast to lord it over the opposition. What does the Lakers need? A low-post threat in the mold of Karl Malone or Charles Barkley and a steady point guard with consistent outside shot. If the Lakers won't do any retooling anytime soon. It will be a long summer all over again.
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• Philippines
2 May 07
The Lakers are not going to win a NBA Championship this year and that is for sure. They don't have a Championship caliber team to do so. It has been all Kobe for the Lakers in this year's series against the Phoenix Suns. The future is not looking to bright for Kobe and Phil and the rest of the Lakers. I agree a 100% that the Lakers need a big-time revamping for next year's season. Kobe can score, and scoring he can. But he needs help. Odom has his ons and offs. Sure he can get you double-doubles every night but that is not enough if you would ask me. They need another scoring threat, someone who can attract the defense, someone who can score at will but plays unselfishly as well. Let Kobe do the scoring but someone else has to do the other small, dirty work. MJ had Pippen. Wilt had Jerry West, even Wade had Shaq. What the Lakers lack is inside presence. A Center or a forward perhaps. If i would be given the chance to pick someone out for that open slot, i would choose between Al Jefferson (who is in my view, the most underrated player in the league) and Kevin Garnett. But another player that would fit in that category is Rashard Lewis, who can score from both inside and outside. As a matter of fact, he can score 3's. With regards to the guard position, Baron Davis and Chris Paul would make that list for me. Nash belongs to the Suns really and Kidd is not the youngest player anymore.