There is no cure!!!

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May 2, 2007 4:48am CST
Through out the time line of modern medicine has not one cure for any disease been found. Though Small pox was eradicated, It was not cured. In my studies I have found that disease is not an infliction of outside disturbance, but from internal breakdown. The human body was "Designed" to repair itself when the proper compounds were available, but modern diets do not have the proper compounds. Prescription drugs only treat the symptoms of an affliction, they do not cure. They only make rich people from the ailing masses in need of healing. Therefore the only way to heal, is to restore the broken system. But what is the system? It begins at your mouth, and comes out the other end. The rumbly bumbly gas tube you call your intestine. A highway of microscopic interchange, a mega flea market of various creepy little things. The good guys are the happy little bactirium who keep the system working clean and wholesome, the bad guys like to make a mess, and make poo poos, the ugly's are the parasites that want to eat every thing and make poo poos. These parisites cleave into the intestinal wall and move into the blood system breaking down the regenerative cycle of renewal leading to cancer or diabetes. The bad guys poo poos poison your system and cause fatigue, cancer, diabetes, athletes foot, bad breath, Bad moods, psycological disorders, PMS, crones disease, and many other wonderful foul disorders. I am but knocking at the door of a monster to large to behold. Have a lot more to add, see you tomorrow.
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3 May 07
Wow I love this Thread!! Thank you so much for posting something so interestering to read.. I believe the same way. I cant wait to read more. What would you say is some of the best foods to eat to help with the healing? I would love to know :)