My dynasty in NBA Live07 (1)

May 2, 2007 5:31am CST
If you had played NBA Live07,you must know there is a dynasty model in the game. Today I played NBA Live07,and I choose Rockets began. In this team I think Bob must be sort out,because of his legs and his salary is too high.Rockets has two superstars,so the other players mustn't have too high on salary. Like Hayes,only 60K and the ability is good,thay's my need. Juwan also need to sort out.I began to find buyer.I need a tall insider,so I called 76er and use Bob change their Hunter.Hunter's defend is well and I don't need his attack,because I have T-mac and YAO.Then I use Juwan changed a SG from Dallas,he only left one year contract so next year I can save 6.7W money to buy players. Now, my team is 11win 2lost. Tomorrow I will write how my team is ... Please waiy./.
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