Have you ever made quarrel with others?

May 2, 2007 5:51am CST
I have made quarrel with my best friends.he is one of the best friend in my life since we were in primary school.Even i had some exercises such as yoga,dhyna etc...But i can't control myself from the annoyance.What's the steps I want to take for leaving some badhabbits like annoy,jealous.Please give the advice i want to back to my friend with happy that how i was to been in the past days.I hope i will get the chance to join with my friend.Plz pray for me.
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• China
3 May 07
It cann't avoid that we sometimes make quarrel.I think it not bad to the friendship.we'll stll remember the person we had quarreled with many years later.May be at that time you'll become the best friends.
@banban (602)
• China
2 May 07
fine a proper time to talk to him or her.If it's your fault, apologize to your best friend. Best friends won't keep angry with each other for long.