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May 2, 2007 6:00am CST
I have been mkaing good use of my email noyifications over teh last 24 hours. I cleaned out the 700 or so emamils out of my inbox and set my myLot email notifications to the current email address. As soon as I receive my email I am there seeing what is says but do you know what myLot did not account for....... The fact that I have this nervous thing that i may not have received a notification to a comment or response so I am constantly checking on discussions ive started and discussions i have responded to just as much as I was before. What do you all think of the notifications? can I trust them to alert me to everything that concerns me on myLot? Do any of you do the same? It makes me laugh cos I know I am receiving the notifications so you woudl think I could my trust in them but I do take a great pride in always checking back on discussions as it annoys the hell out of me when other people don't get back to me when expecting a reply.
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@magica (3709)
• Bulgaria
2 May 07
And why, for God`s sake, you dont turn off this option? Many people find at the beggining that as all forums it will be easier to know when they have comment of their posts. But in fact you are overloaded, you are flooded there are hundred discussions.
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2 May 07
I am not flooded. I am coping very well indeed. So much so that i am always worried that I may have been missed on anotification and have the need to check.