Rich People Jobs

@leon077 (160)
May 2, 2007 6:16am CST
Were you wondering why people driving expensive car and eat at fancy restaurant, stay at the hotel, have lots of lands. I just wondered what did they do in their life, what job do they do, maybe we can find the causal of they richness and follow their footstep to became rich too?! First, Bill Gates AKA William Henry Gates III, what did he do? he foresee the future in 1975 that soon there will be lots of home computer and software is the key for it, he learn BASIC (computer language)in his school days and made microsoft. with a few monopoly in the business, the man became the most rich guys according to forbes. The Key from Bill gates history is. 1. Foresee the future need. 2. Follow up with the requirement, in this case is some computer language. 3. A little monopoly trick could do the job. well, lets name a few guys that you know and what did they do?
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