How to do with myself if you were me?

May 2, 2007 6:37am CST
hi,everybody!I have been thingking about my personality and character.I'm a slient ,obedient and excellent boy in real life. in fact,it is not ture.sometimes a lot of crazy ideas are full of my mind and drive me to do some special things.these things opposites to my ordinary imagination l'am a hero.but the more i thought the more i fall in .I hate the false me and would like to change somethings on me.however,it doesn't make any dent so it makes me confused weather i need to change has brought me much confusion. some people asked me give up,they all said it was waste of time.but l don't want to..........
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• India
2 May 07
by any chance, is your sun sign or moon sign pisces?! well, vicarious living may not be the best thing to happen when taken to some extremes. i suggest you stay within practical limits, so that when the time comes, you won't be disappointed with life
• China
2 May 07
I think everyone has crazy ideas that wouldn't be carried out in real life. So it's not a problem. You want to be a hero, but what hero really means... Just do what you think is right...