What fuels anti-Americanism?

May 2, 2007 8:07am CST
The BBC's Washington correspondent Justin Webb has been investigating anti- American sentiment worldwide. He travelled to Paris, Cairo, Caracas and Washington, exploring what fuels anti-Americanism. What do you think is behind anti-American feelings n certain regions? Send us your comments in reaction to Justin Webb's series.
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• United States
2 May 07
I cantell you what is wrong with America - nobody in power ever gets up to say - gee maybe we screwed up and we apologize for that deeply - lets start to think about our actions before doing them - that is what is wrong here in this country - we act so pompass and think we are untouchable. Democrats and republicans are heading this country down a nasty spiral. Why cant we all just work together for a common good goal here. We need to mind our business and care for the people here in the US States as well - what about taking care of all those Katrina victims and homes that were ruined - you cannot say it is all clean yet- cause it is still a mess down there - where is the power in this country. Whereis the one person to stand up and lead us all down a road to a common ground of information, and moral good for all. IT does not exist will not exist because that is what the powers that be want it this way.