getting annoyed!!

United States
May 2, 2007 8:43am CST
ok..tell me....why is it that when you post something that is meant to be funny, people come out of nowhere to post a serious, most of the time kind of nasty response? does no one have a sense of humor anymore? what is up with the world when a sense of humor is non existant. this has happened quite a bit but now it is just starting to annoy me. i just posted about the worth of being a stay at home mom and some responses i get is like...well i knew that having kids meant i would be paid in hugs and kisses and who is going to pay that salary and i knew what i was getting into before i had was a post to lighten up the day but apparently these people have no sense of humor. i posted that..and most of what i post...the lighten up the day and make you and me chuckle alittle. no need for such seriousness all the time. anyone agree with this??
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2 May 07
I'm with you hun. There are a lot of people here who take things far too seriously sometimes. I like to post humerous discussions, something lighthearted. There is always someone with a sense of humour failure to post something unpleasant.