Why cant boys lift the seat?

@4cuteboys (4102)
United States
May 2, 2007 10:11am CST
My boys that are potty trained are 5 and almost 8. They still to this day dont bother to lift both seats and pee all over the seat! Then sometimes I dont notice it and sit in it, YUK! So whenever I see them going for the bathroom I remind them to lift both seats about 20 million times. When will this end!! I hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel, I think we are ALL sick of sitting on pee!
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• United States
3 May 07
yeah it's a real pain. I always try to remind them when i see them heading toward the bathroom to lift both seats.
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@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
5 May 07
I can understand the 5 year old maybe not doing it, the 8 year old i'd have thought would be ok with the lifting of the seat. Have you though about maybe getting them to sit down to pee instead? That way, you wont have to worry about sitting in their pee coz they don't bother to lift the seats, it'll also stop a lot of mess for yo to clean up & to top it off, there's no chance of you sitting in their pee either!
@natalie1981 (2000)
• Singapore
5 May 07
Ugh, I know. I just did that like, a few days ago. My bladder is just about to burst and I quickly got to the bathroom and when I sat down...YUK! I think it was my nephew's because his parents haven't really taught him how to lift the seat, now I'll probably be doing that myself.
@KrisNY (7591)
• United States
2 May 07
LOL--- thanks for the laugh today! I can just imagine- a wet hiney! I only have a daughter so no problems here. My cousin’s boys lift the seat but still continue to pee all over- Usually on the floor, the back of the seat, sometimes the walls! I have to go in and bleach the bathroom when they leave! I want to tell them to get a good hold on it before letting rip- But I don’t. Their mom must be sick of cleaning the bathrooms all the time! My sig. other lifts both seats—so I’m sure your boys will grow out of it—Just no telling when!
@lightningMD (5932)
• United States
2 May 07
I'm not sure they will ever do it consistently. Maybe if you made them wipe it up when they dont lift. They would be more apt to comply. I'll tell you a saying that I was taught in my child day care training...The hose is short...The pumper is weak...Stand close to the seat...Or you'll pee on your feet...I said that to myslef a million times while cleaning the pee up from the daycare bathroom floor.