It's on the learning, not on the grade.

@mik0930 (372)
May 2, 2007 10:36am CST
I greatly believe on the saying "It's on the learning, not on the grade". I am the living proof to that. Ever since elementary, I was a lazy student. I do not make or pass late assignments, laboratory reports and projects. Now in high school, I failed Physics 2 [third year], a subject I excel. Why? Because I did not pass any assignment or lab report for that subject. It was okay for me to fail the subject because I know I'm good on it. I always answer my teacher's quizzes which my classmates find difficult. Our school adapts a grading system from 1.0 to 5.0 - 1.0 as the highest and latter as the lowest. Our teacher promised that he will deduct 0.50 to the grade of anyone who can get 80% or more on the nationwide achievement test (test to assess the learning of students on the 8 different campuses). It so happened that I was the only one in the whole campus to get 80% then the next one is 62%. My teacher can't accept it and did not deduct anything from my grade. That quarter, I got 1.75 compared to 1.25 I should have got with the deduction. It was okay to me because I know it's on the learning not on the grade. Do you believe on the saying? Anyway, me and my teacher are friends.
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2 May 07
wait 'till it shows up at your transcript when you're applying for work. my,my. i never expected to see myself in someone else's body. i knew it from the first time i read this post - that attitude, it's so familiar. yeah, i believe that the level of education of somebody shouldn't be measured by the grades he has. someone else's maybe getting higher grades than me, but i don't even need to ask him who's better between us when it comes to programming. and to think i don't attend my classes. but to tell you the truth kid, the habits we have are bad. being lazy is bad, and believing that you can always get away with it is worse. you're much too young to be wasted chief, so i suggest you straighten up a bit. after all, 1.25 is still better than 1.75. getting deductions because of the things that you haven't done but could have done anyway with ease is definitely a bad idea. i'm the best programmer in my batch. i do excel in almost all subjects. but i did things the way you did. and man, i'm still paying for it. ;)
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@mik0930 (372)
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3 May 07
Me too, I'm the best programmer in our batch, I think. I know PHP more than our teacher (haha) but my Java teacher was better than me. I also do not listen much to my programming teachers. Yes, our attitudes are bad. :D
@maemaemae (341)
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4 May 07
I also believe in that saying...what you learn is more important than what your grade is...but you know, we should not make this an excuse to become lazy...nothing justifies laziness