Wish list for Mother's Day...need suggestions

@eunixia (387)
May 2, 2007 11:08am CST
This is my very first time to celebrate Mother's Day.I want that day to be memorable and very especial, gifts count a lot to me. I told my husband that I don't like surprises (for this day only),I like flowers a lot but(it's very common and it's tradition) I want a unique gift. My husband is willing to know my gift request. I want to make my wish list, what would be the best gift that I could ask from him? I need some gift suggestions...
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@RobinJ (2501)
• Canada
2 May 07
You did not become a mother all by your self, and yet you appear th think you should be showered with gifts. I believe that one small memento would be wonderful perhaps a charm bracelet where a charm can be added on this and other occasions. If your family is very wealthy and gifts are no problem, then fill your house. but It is about being a mother not how many gifts you demand. As well it is all about our children, and the originally was about children remembering their mother, with the first flowers of spring that they could pick them selves. Now it is a billion dollar industry and that is so sad.
@eunixia (387)
• Philippines
2 May 07
Hi RobinJ, Am I sound demanding? I don't ask for a shower of gifts even for a jewelry? The ideas that I could get from here would be also a great help for me to share or send presents for my friends and for my mom. It's just so happen that I wanted something different just for this occasion. But then, thank you so much for gracing with my wish list. it's me, eunixia