I am very good friend with my mother but she hurt me!!!

@al87exa (720)
May 2, 2007 12:29pm CST
Yestarday, she offence me in front of my friend, and i can't forgive she, i know that she was tired and nervious, but i hate when she fight with me when i am with somebody...what i must to do?she is upsed too.
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@Norstar (695)
• India
6 May 07
I noticed that you said that she fights when you are with your friend. May be, being a mother, she is worried when you are with your friend. Why? That is what you have to find out. Sometime, when things seem normal, try talking to her. You said that the two of you are friedly. So, talking out should not be a problem. Ask her to tell frankly what worries her. I am sure things would sort out amicably. If you have patience and present yourself as a grown up person, she would open up and discuss the matter with you. All the best to you.