what exactly is imitation crab???

jd holding a live lobster - jd was playing with his food....but this time his food was able to play back..lol. yes..he did eat him later on that day. how sad!!
United States
May 2, 2007 12:46pm CST
just wondering this for a while now. when you see imitation crab at the seafood dept of a grocery store, what exactly is imitation crab? is it not really crab? how do you imitate crab??? i know..this question is kinda silly but i have wondered this for some time now and no one around me can give me a suitable answer. i dont eat imitation things so i wont eat it but it is driving me nuts not knowing what exactly it is made of. anyone out there know this answer? if so..help me to put this question to rest!!! thanks!!
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