my wonderful kids

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May 2, 2007 12:58pm CST
my daughter is 10 yrs old. i look at her and wonder where the heck the past 10 yrs have gone. i remeber so vividly when i was pregnant with her. seems like only a few years ago, not 10. she is an amazing child, although sometimes i do not give her enough credit. she is very loving and motherly to her 3 younger brothers. she is a sweet, loving child all the way around. she is in the gifted fifth grade class, so she is a very smart girl. she isnt too bright with the common sense but maybe one day she will get more common my 1st son, my infertility baby, jd, is 4. he is such a wonderful kid. he is so good in preschool, his teacher tells me daily how much she loves having him in her class and how well behaved he is. i have to question that he is a smart kid with a loving side. he just loves his sister and little brothers. he actually changes my 16 month old's diapers at times without me asking. he likes to help out. my 2nd son, 3rd child, ryder, is now 2 1/2. he is soooo smart. he has been speaking in full sentences since before he turned 2. he wants nothing to do with the potty though. that is a struggle but we still have time to talk him into using the potty instead of diapers. he is a big kid with a huge heart. he is almost the same size as jd and he is 19 months younger than jd. he will be in preschool with jd this sept. oh good luck to the and my last baby, my 4th child, jesse, he is such a little sweetheart. he is so loving and sweet to everyone. he loves his siblings and me and his father so much. he is my booby boy. he is still breastfeeding and although i am trying to wean him, he isnt going for it just yet. he is very smart and actually does chores. he likes to help out too. so now that i have told you about my wonderful group, it is time for you to share your stories about your kids.
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@patgalca (15627)
• Orangeville, Ontario
3 May 07
Right now I am over the moon proud of my two daughters. I have been watching them participate in sporting events - school basketball tournaments, indoor soccer league, taekwondo - and am just in awe of them. I am filled with such pride watching them, seeing them do so well. I just can't imagine what I am doing right as a mother. LOL! However, it makes me feel bad for myself because I never did anything for anyone to be proud of me (except bring to brilliant, beautiful, athletic, funny girls into this world). So I think it is time to do something I am proud of and will make others proud of me. I must finish my book and get it published. I will be the Little Engine That Could, or perhaps the Big Steam Engine That Could. LOL! My kids' talents are motivating to use my own.