Coffee or Tea?

@okn0tok (569)
United States
May 2, 2007 2:26pm CST
Which is your poison? I love coffee but my favorite thing is Chai tea. Yummy!
6 responses
2 May 07
I definately prefer tea, I find it much more refreshing than coffee. If I am out and am getting hungry I will drink coffee because it takes the edge of the hunger. I drink tea everyday and only drink coffe about once a month
6 May 07
Thank you for the best response mark. x
• United States
11 Jun 07
I am a coffee adict. I love it. I do enjoy Chai tea though. But, coffee is my poison for sure. I have about 6 cups each morning. Milstone is my favorite.
@jahvo6 (623)
• Peru
3 May 07
I drink both, but I really prefer coffee, I think it´s more strong and addictive that tea but I also enjoy drinking tea sometimes with milk, cinammon, honey in it or sometimes with some lemon drops.
@jianhong (740)
• Singapore
3 May 07
I like Tea. Ice lemon tea.
@ganwn071 (1117)
• Singapore
3 May 07
I drink both tea and coffee. I drink at least 4 cups of tea and coffee a day. I usually start the morning with a cup of coffee to freshen up myself and to start my days. In between the day, I will either takes 2 cup of either tea or coffee depending on what I want to drink at that moment. I will finish the day with a cup of tea as a cleanser before I go to bed. Of the 2, I will prefer coffee.
@umavarma1 (926)
• India
3 May 07
i love coffee...i like expresso..The defining characteristics of espresso include a thicker consistency than drip coffee, a higher amount of dissolved solids than drip coffee per relative volume, and a serving size that is usually measured in shots, which is about 30ml (1 ounces) in size. Espresso is chemically complex and volatile, with many of its chemical components quickly degrading from oxidation or loss of temperature. Properly brewed espresso has three major parts: the heart, body, and the most distinguishing factor, the presence of crema, a reddish-brown foam that floats on the surface of the espresso. It is composed of vegetable oils, proteins and sugars. Crema has elements of both emulsion and foam colloid