Is poker luck or skill?

@howhigh (758)
May 2, 2007 3:05pm CST
When i'm winning i tend to think skill... losing luck.
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@elairz (260)
• Malaysia
2 May 07
30% skill 70% luck..if you are serious, further training can decrease luck factor..
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16 May 07
I would say there was more luck involved than skill. Then just to make me think again I will see an article about Phil Ivey or Chris Ferguson on the tv and admirwe the skill they obviously have.
@MarkyB21 (1545)
15 May 07
The cards you are dealt are dealt is the luck element. What you choose to do after that is the skill element. Skilled players work out the statistics of their hand and how likely it is to win, they work out what their opponents are holding and try to bluff them into either playing or quitting and they know when not to play the hand they're dealt. As someone else already said, if poker was just luck the same people wouldn't keep winning. I like your philosophy of skill when you win, luck when you lose! lol
@veldort (210)
• Finland
15 May 07
Pokes is both skill and luck. Cards what you get depends on luck but how you play with them is a matter of skills!
13 May 07
i think at the earlier stages of competition at the lower levels, its probably more luck based, simply because players are more willing to play more hands. The play is very loose also. At the WSOP generally the best player over the week wins, and rightly so
• Bulgaria
11 May 07
if you play clever , the luck factor is always in your bad. but even you hit a "bad beat" with clever moves you will increase your bankroll for sure.
@filmbuff (2909)
• United States
4 May 07
It's math, more than anything else. Then skill, then luck and toss aggression and patience somewhere in there as well.
@wendee (359)
• Canada
2 May 07
It's totally both. I have seen a lot of skilled players lose and a lot of very unskilled players win. Just listen to the Kenny Rogers song! lol