95 Year Old Woman Scheduled to Get College Degree

United States
May 2, 2007 7:30pm CST
I just read an article about a 95 year old Kansas woman slated to receive her degree in General Studies. I found the article on AssociatedContent and have seen it on other sites online. This is so inspiring and just goes to show you that it's never to late to get a degree and finish your education. http://www.thebizofknowledge.com/2007/04/95year_old_woman_will_be_oldes.html
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• United States
3 May 07
Good for her! that IS inspiring! So to all of you guys out there who think you're too old, or you cant possibly do it, a NINETY YEAR OLD WOMAN JUST DID! ha.
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• United States
3 May 07
A lot of people think they're too old to get a degree because it "won't matter." There's nothing wrong with having one for personal satisfaction and gratification.
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• Philippines
3 May 07
Wow what an inspiring story my friend! Thank you for sharing it. Actually, I will be taking up a second degree, this coming school year. And I must admit I have my share of fears and apprehensions. But if a 95 year old lady did it. I should be okay, huh, and it won't be a first time. I just have to get use to have younger classmates.~~lol (^^,)