Sinking of Japan....Can the Disaster can Really Happen???

best movie - watch this movie!!
@dzhuul (105)
May 3, 2007 1:30am CST
Did you watch movie entitled 'Sinking of Japan' yet???I recommended you to watch it even once.Believe me,it is very interesting story. This the a little bit about the movie..... This is the story about what is going to happen to the Japan for the next decade.They'll face an absolutely nature super disaster which sinking the Japan bit by bit......Just imagine how that going to happen..... So if you already see it,please give your comment here.Discuss the subject above.....
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@jahvo6 (623)
• Peru
4 May 07
Looks like that ´s a good movie, I like those type, of fictioon, it has to be about the global warming effect so that is interesting and don´t know if that could really happen.
@timou87 (1641)
• Singapore
3 May 07
I think that such shows are really quite fantastic, but after all this is the kind of disaster that can only be possible with the destructive and unbridled power of Mother Nature herself, and she certainly is unpredictable, so who can tell?
@czy0578 (26)
• China
3 May 07
yes,i watch movie entitled sinking of japan yet i recmmended!