Whats on your desk at this moment?

@leon077 (160)
May 3, 2007 2:06am CST
Do you wondering what other people desk look like, we can imagine what people on my lot spend each day with their computer desk, let me start first. I got a scissor, hard disk plate, monitor LG IBM 15 inch with speaker on, old floppy disk 3.44 inch, Snowman Marker (Black), SP Troches from Meiji, Keyboard Turboplus win95, mouse A4 Tech with ball, lexus infrared mouse, Shiro ADSL modem, 5 comic books, corel draw 7 installer cd, Spirited Away DVD, more than 50 cd, a pot of sansiviera plant, 1/3 bottle of alcohol 99%, digital watch, 2 flash disk, nokia 2650 handphone, International telecomunications magazine desember 2006 edition, a glass, and few rocks from Papandayan Mountain. What about you, whats on your desk? come on don't be shy.
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@MGjhaud (21889)
• Philippines
3 May 07
you got specific huh.. =) well currently on my desk, i have my computer set, some pieces of paper and my cellphone. my desk is a bit small so no lots of spaces to put lots of things on it.