How long you wish to stay alive in this earth?

@tombiz (2039)
May 3, 2007 3:40am CST
I am thinking of a new topic and this the topic I think has not yet been started here at myLot. For all members. how long do you wish to stay in this planet earth? We all know that life is just a temporary thing and no matter how rich or influential you may be, your date with destiny will sooner or later be coming. If given the chance to choose, I would like to stay up to 75 only because at that age all of my friends are already gone and of course myLot is already gone to so I will not be enjoying life anymore. If given the power to count your years under the sun, how many years would you like it to be and why? Had this question been ask in the Miss Universe beauty pageant?
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@cutebaby4 (196)
• India
3 May 07
I would love to stay alive as long i fulfill my dreams. Because once you fulfill your dreams, your wish to stay alive becomes over. Achievement in life is what everyone look for, and thats one reason people wish to live long, to see themselves well settled. So i think on an average an age of 75 would be fine.
• Slovak Republic
3 May 07
i don't think this question have been asked in the miss universe pageant and i don't think it would be a good question to ask.. because it does not seek relevance to becoming the miss universe.. anyway.. to answer our question.. i wish to live to be over a hundred.. without any sickness if i can.. but if i would be sick i would rather after acquiring the sickness so that i would not suffer much...