Hair colour and contact lenses

@ellie26 (4140)
May 3, 2007 5:39am CST
Why do some people likes to dye their hair or use colour contact lenses? I used to dye my hair and wear colour contact lenses. At that time, I really like to see the 'new' me instead of my natural dark brown hair an eyes. After awhile, I realised that I was wasting my money, spoiling my hair and risking infection to my eyes. So, I stop but occassionally, I still wear colour contact lenses just for the fun of it. I know a lot of people who are like me, fond of new changes. What is the reason behind this? Does it mean people are insecure of their looks or wants to be different from others?
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@bcote212 (1112)
• United States
3 May 07
I think that sometimes it can be an issue of insecurity, but most of the time it is not. We all like to place "dress up." Lets be honest we do it because it is fun. We like that we can look in the mirror and see one thing, then put some chemical in our hair, and an hour later see something else. I personally thing that natural looks best though. There are a lot of people here where I live that for some reason bleach, and dye their hair so that they are blond. i dont understand why they do this. I think if you have brown hair and eyes be proud of it. I have brown hair and eyes myself. But it is nice that we know that we can change the things about our appearance that we do not like.
@ellie26 (4140)
• Malaysia
3 May 07
Yes, you are right. I felt the thrill when I saw the changes in my hair colour. But after a month or so, my hair has regrown and it started to show the original colour. Thats where the thrill gone.
• India
13 Dec 07
I can't live without hair conditioner neither. My hair is dry from the once a year perming and I need to add back as much moisture as I can to make the hair look silky and smooth, otherwise it would look very much like grass.My hair is already a pain, and shampooing it is NOT enough. If I don't use conditioner, it gets all dry and feels weird. If I use conditioner, it looks shinier and is easier to work with.
@mschiqui (1284)
• Philippines
27 Jun 07
i guess some people just like using lenses and hair dye,because just like you it is for fun, and some also is to ahve a better look, or a change of looks. Maybe they just wanted to noursih and beautify more their beauty.
@pinklilly (3445)
• Australia
22 Jun 07
I've dyed my hair since I was 13 I like the change it makes me feel good... I have always wanted coloured contact lenses and recently brought purple ones, different but I love them I feel better about myself. Maybe it is insecurety but it's fun, it's not like I am changing the person I am....