the unknown man keeps in touch with me

United States
May 3, 2007 10:13am CST
Several day before I got a email from a foreigner who I doesn't konw.In the email he permissed to put lots of money in my bank account,I was so amazed,it seems like the pennies from heaven.I can't put my reliance on what he promissed.Because of my intense curiosity,I responsed to him.But in my email to him,I didn't tell him my bank account number which he asked for.And I didn't hope that I can got his response.To my great supprise,This morning when I opened my email box,I saw the letter from him and again I got startled,I couldn't belive what I had seen.he told me his address and tel and some personal affairs.I almost get sticked to what he said and begin to take him with a pinch of salt.In his second to me,he asked my tel so that I can talk to me in person.As a poor student shot of money,I told him my personal number.But he haven't been gaven me any response yet.I am afraid I got conned by him.Now I trapped in mist and be self-accused.May be he is gonna make use of my tel number to do evil.May be I am gonna be annoyed.This evening I can't put my heart on study,I always get distracted by the scare from my inner heart.What should I do,can you give me some suggestions?
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@magica (3709)
• Bulgaria
3 May 07
Let me guess: this man is from Nigeria. Prince, King or something like this? This is not just a scam, this is a criminal practic. Dont be naive.
• United States
3 May 07
he said that he lives in Johannesburg of South Afric
@Tanya8 (1734)
• Canada
3 May 07
This is definitely a scam. Here's a website that explains how it works: As long as you haven't given out any banking information, all they can do at this stage is call you and try to talk you into giving it to them. It's also possible to find out people's addresses using their phone numbers, but as long as you don't fall for the scam, there's probably no reason why anyone would make the effort to come to your home. I would prepare a response so that you don't get sucked into talking to whoever calls, and possibly starting to believe what he says. Just say, "This sounds too good to be true." or something like that, and hang up. Maybe you can check out some of those links at the bottom and see if there's even some way you might be able to help catch whomever is involved. I'm sorry this happened to you.
@oldiebut (859)
• Canada
3 May 07
As Magica said, don't be naive. This is such an old scam it isn't funny any more. They seek out the gullible and will pursue a pigeon, as they have obviously marked you, until they get what they want. Cease all forms of communications with him immediately. And never answer they spam emails.