Hitchhike. Does u were using such kind of traveling?

May 3, 2007 11:17am CST
I know that a lot of people, especially a youth like traveling as hitchhike. Somebody just use it for economy of money, for others - it as lifestyle. When I was a student, I tried to travel to other city by stopping cars on the road. Sure I was with my friends, we were late to bus. But never tried to do it alone. I was afraid of it. If say truth, once it happen, that I was going to my friend in my city , it was long way and i so tired.Then near myself stopped one car and young man suggested to give me to lift. I agreed ...It was evening time I didn't knew place well. But in time I understood that he drive not right way...At last he stopped car and asked me to kiss him!Sure i didn't agree then he get angry and started drive somewhere...I scared, coz understood that I am in danger , it was nightfall...Can u imagine, that from the front I saw other car and in some sights by surprise for that man I opened door and jumped out! Then stopped another car (by he way there was man too!)and screamed to go!Thanks God , I get city sucessfully! Till now memory about this make horror to myself... Never after I didn't repeat such mistake...to embus strange car...
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