new baby and getting help from mom

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May 3, 2007 3:23pm CST
we are expecting our first child in 4 weeks. we live 5 hours away from any family. our family plans to come here for the birth. my mom has offered on several occasions to stay and help us out. my husband doesn't want any help. i really would like for my mom to stay because this is going to be a big adjustment for us. how can i get my husband to change his mind and accept the help she's willing to give?
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4 May 07
I have just had a beautiful baby granddaughter almost 2 months ago. I don't live that far away from my daughter. I only go over when she asks me too. Yes, you will need some help after the birth. You can try to explain to him that it is going to be a big change and that you would feel more comfortable having your mother there to help you for a while. Also tell him it will give him a break when he needs one also. Explain that you two can have alone time with or without the baby while your mother is here to help you both adjusts. Good luck!!!
@mflower2053 (3227)
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4 May 07
Hi there. Its nice to have help but after a while you just want to be alone. So tell you husband to let your mom help for just the first week or the next week when he goes to work. Since your going to be in pain it will be hard to do many things. :}
@Mickie30 (2631)
3 May 07
Your husband has to come round in his own time. Have a look at my blog it tells you a bit about me and my baby I have only just started to write it and will add more to it eventually maybe it might help you to see what it is like having a baby and the help you do need. My mum is a life saver she has my baby once a week and I couldn't mannage without this support she is fantastic. I think you need to get your husband to see things how you see them and how worried you are. Here is my blog address